Hydraulic Cold Press Machines by Lalit Hydraulics

Hydraulic Cold Press

Hydraulic Cold Press
Hydraulic Cold Press
Hydraulic Cold Press

Hydraulic cold press is a system that can be used for pressing wooden sheets for creating a definite pressing. This system is used for manufacturing doors, room dividers and other such products. It makes easy to press MDF sheets, plywood and various other surfaces. The iron-made table decreases the distortion while making all the finished wooden products. With the high strength of the machines helps the workers to operate easily on the wooden sheets. The cold press machine can be used to apply minimal or high pressure on different types of wooden materials based on the project. The machines come with automatic cut off feature for controlling circuit that protects them from high voltage or power failure.

Advantages :
  • Machines are user-friendly.
  • Deliver heavy-duty results.
  • Prevents damage during high voltage or power failure
  • Best for high volumes of production.
  • More productivity due to less fatigue to workers.


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