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Hydraulic tail gate lift / back lift

Hydraulic Tail Gate Lift / Back Lift

The hydraulic tail gate lift or back lift is a hinged flap at a vehicle’s back that can be moved up and down for loading and unloading any material in the vehicle. In simple words, a tail gate or back lift is a large, heavy part of equipment that adds more weight to the gross vehicle weight. The hydraulic tail gate lift is operated by the driver or co-driver of the vehicle. A standard tail gate utilizes hydraulic pressure to push the piston through a cylinder that moves the gate up and down. The movement of the gate is controlled with the help of switch box that has up and down functions. The hydraulic back lift is first produced with all components and once ready is installed on the vehicle. It takes few days for the tail gate to install on the vehicle. The hydraulic tail gate is designed based on space of the vehicle.

  • Helps in high volumes delivery.
  • Saves cost on hiring workers for lifting loads.
  • High productivity as there is less labor involved.
  • Time saving in terms of loading and unloading material in vehicle.
  • Light weight and easy to operate.
  • Can be easily installed.
  • Water proof that prevents any damages.
  • Delivery products are safely delivered without any damage.
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Hydraulic Tailgate Vehicle list
1. TATA :
Tata Yodha pick up 3150, Tata Xenon pick up XT, Tata 912 LPT, Tata 1012 LPT, Tata T.9 ultra, Tata 1112 LPT, Tata 1212 LPT, Tata T.10 Ultra, Tata T.11 Ultra, Tata T.12 ultra, Tata 1412 LPT, Tata T.14 Ultra, Tata 1412 LPT, Tata T.14 Ultra, Tata 1512 LPT, Tata T.16 Ultra, Tata T.16 ultra SL, Tata 407 Gold 29 WB, Tata 510 SFC, Tata 610 SFC, Tata 710 SFC, Tata 712 LPT, Tata T.7 Ultra, Tata 1009 LPT, Tata 1109 LPT, Tata 1412 LPT, Tata 609 SFC, Tata 709 LPT
2. Mahindra :
Mahindra Imperio pickup, Mahindra Bolero Maxi truck, Mahindra bolero camper, Mahindra bolero pick up, Mahindra Genio Pickup
3. Eicher :
Eicher Pro 2050, Eicher Pro 2055, Eicher 2055 DSD, Eicher Pro 2055 K, Eicher Pro 2059, Eicher Pro 2059 XP, Eicher Pro 2075, Eicher Pro 2080XP, Eicher Pro 2090, Eicher Pro 2095, Eicher Pro 2095 XP, Eicher pro 3019, Eicher Pro 6019, Eicher Pro 6028, Eicher Pro 6035, Eicher Pro 6042, Eicher Pro 6048
4. Ashok Leyland :
Ashok Leyland bada dost i4, Ashok Leyland bada dost i3, Ashok Leyland dost plus, Ashok Leyland dost strong, Ashok Leyland dost lite, Ashok Leyland Partner, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1015 HE, Ashok Leyland Boss 1115 HB, Ashok Leyland Boss 1415, Ashok Leyland Boss 1315 HB, Ashok Leyland Boss 1215 HB, Ashok Leyland Haulage 3520, Ashok Leyland Haulage 2820
Why /When to install an hydraulic tailgate ?
  • Delivery volumes goes up
  • Labour is not easily available
  • When safety of your working people is priority
  • Same set of labour and more delivery volumes can be achieved
  • Less fatigue to workmen so more productivity
  • To save time loading and unloading of material in and out of vehicle to make more deliveries
  • The delivery platforms are of varied heights, which makes the supplies laborious
How do we install the hydraulic tailgate over your machine ?
  • We evaluate the vehicle by our trained engineers if it is suitable to be converted or not
  • If it is , installation depending upon the space that is required for your job
  • Our team will make design of hydraulic back lift and suitability
  • Once the design is ready we will share with you for your approval
  • Once we have the concept approved , we will manufacture and we will install the hydraulic rams power unit , piping with oil filled and electrical over the end of your vehicle by removing the existing back lift and give adequate satisfactory trails
Where will it be produced / installed ?
  • First we will produce/ acquire all the components
  • Once ready , we will ask you to get your vehicle to install the hydraulic back lift
  • Usually it take few days to installations
Will the hydraulic tailgate be water proof and what about the maintenance ?
  • Yes we have installed all water proof equipments and it has got protective covers on necessary parts
  • the maintenance will have regular checkups of oil level , leakages from fittings if any , checking ram piston rods for any external damages , electrical circuits like wires , joints , loose contact if any , will get checked , the back lift ropes / chain link will be greased and oiled.
  • Seal kits are to be replaced if you find drop of backlit or leakages from the piston rods
  • Since we prefer to use standard , all the parts after warranty will be easy available
  • Since there are eternal factors acting , the service time will depend of the usage and external damages if any
Who will be required to operate the backlift ?
  • Driver himself or his co driver , a single person can operate to load and unload the material
Do we have to take permissions from RTO ?
  • Not required , as we ensure the installed back lift in within the max permissible length of vehicle .
What if the tailgate get down on its own and what if there is failure in hydraulic and falls down or about safety ?
  • No it won't , it has mechanical locks as well can its locked by safety valves , if still it done we will be ready to serve you and we can give back the vehicle in lowest time back to you
What about the Power Source ?
  • We usually connect with the existing battery for the power source , the battery has an alternated which charges the battery when running , so the life of the battery will also be as recommended by OEM , to get max battery life we recommend to keep the engine on while operating , and even if you switch off the engine , it will operate for 3-4 time only.
Tailgate Highlights

Light weight , easy to operate , user friendly , strong , early pay back, easy installation , modular type , no damages of the delivering products and many more

  • Heavy oxygen tanks deliveries to hospitals
  • CO2 / oxygen / Nitrogen bottles deliveries
  • Home appliance deliveries
  • New vehicles [ cars / SUV / 2 wheels ] deliveries from factories to dealers
  • For enthusiastic adventurous people who like camping
  • Heavy Packages deliveries
  • Patient easy moving in Ambulance
  • Movers and packers


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