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Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Mumbai

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about us
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We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality hydraulic cylinders in Mumbai that are widely used in various industries. With our advanced manufacturing facilities and skilled team of professionals, we offer customized hydraulic solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Our hydraulic cylinders are manufactured using top-grade raw materials, ensuring that they are durable, efficient, and long-lasting. We provide cylinders in a range of sizes and designs, ensuring that they meet the specific requirements of our clients. Whether you require standard hydraulic cylinders or custom-made products, we are fully equipped to deliver the best quality at the most competitive prices.

At Lalit Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our team of experts ensures that every product meets the highest quality standards, and we provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure that our clients get the most out of our products.

Lalit Hydraulic Systems also offers customized solutions for clients who require specialized hydraulic cylinders. The company's hydraulic cylinders are designed to be reliable, efficient, and durable, ensuring that they can withstand the demands of heavy-duty applications. The cylinders are also designed to be easy to install and maintain, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for clients.

Which factors to consider when choosing hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Mumbai

Choosing a reliable hydraulic cylinder manufacturer is crucial for ensuring that you get high-quality products that meet your specific requirements and deliver optimal performance. Here are the key factors to consider when selecting a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in Mumbai:

1. Quality:

Lalit Hydraulics is known for producing high-quality hydraulic cylinders that meet industry standards and customer requirements. The company uses advanced technologies, quality materials, and rigorous testing processes to ensure that their products are reliable, durable, and perform optimally.

2. Customization capabilities:

Lalit Hydraulics has the expertise and flexibility to design and produce customized hydraulic cylinders according to customer specifications. This allows them to meet the specific needs and requirements of different industries and applications, which can be a major advantage for customers.

3. Experience:

Lalit Hydraulics has been in the hydraulic cylinder manufacturing business for many years and has gained significant experience in designing and producing a wide range of hydraulic cylinders for various industrial applications. This experience can translate into better product quality, reliability, and customer support.

4. Customer support

Lalit Hydraulics has a responsive and knowledgeable customer support team that can assist customers with their queries, technical issues, and after-sales support. This can be crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Competitive pricing

Lalit Hydraulics offers competitive pricing for their hydraulic cylinders, which can be attractive to customers who are looking for high-quality products at a reasonable cost.

Lalit Hydraulic Systems is committed to providing high-quality hydraulic cylinders and exceptional customer service to clients. The company's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as one of the leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in Mumbai and the surrounding areas.

Industrial Use of Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are used in a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, marine, agriculture, and material handling. Whether you need cylinders for heavy-duty applications or light-duty tasks, we have the expertise and experience to deliver reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

1. Construction

Our hydraulic cylinders are designed to handle heavy loads and withstand the rugged environment of construction sites. They are used in various applications such as bulldozers, excavators, cranes, backhoes, loaders, and other heavy-duty construction equipment.

Lalit Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Mumbai provides high-quality hydraulic cylinders that are ideal for the construction industry. Our hydraulic cylinders offer reliable and efficient performance, ensuring that construction equipment can operate at optimal levels, increasing productivity, and reducing downtime.

2. Mining

In the mining industry, hydraulic cylinders are used in various applications that require heavy lifting, excavation, and material handling. Here are some of the most common applications of hydraulic cylinders in the mining industry:

  1. Excavators
  2. Haul trucks
  3. Loaders
  4. Rock drills
  5. Roof bolters
  6. Conveyor systems

At Lalit Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers, we have a team of experts who can provide customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of the mining industry. Our hydraulic cylinders are designed to provide maximum performance, efficiency, and durability, ensuring that they can handle the toughest mining tasks with ease.

3. Marine

In the marine industry, hydraulic cylinders are used in various applications that require heavy lifting, steering, and movement of various equipment on vessels.

Lalit Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Mumbai provides custom hydraulic cylinder solutions that cater to the specific requirements of the marine industry. Our hydraulic cylinders are designed to handle the harsh marine environment and can withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and other elements.

4. Agriculture

Hydraulic cylinders are used extensively in the agriculture industry for various applications that require heavy lifting, pushing, and pulling of equipment. Here are some of the most common applications of hydraulic cylinders in the agriculture industry:

  1. Tractor front-end loaders
  2. Tilling and planting equipment
  3. Harvesting equipment
  4. Sprayers and irrigation systems
  5. Grain handling equipment
  6. Livestock handling equipment

5. Material Handling

Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in material handling equipment due to their ability to provide high force in a compact design.

They are used for lifting heavy loads in cranes, forklifts, and scissor lifts, as well as pushing and pulling loads in equipment like bulldozers, excavators, and backhoes. Hydraulic cylinders are also used for tilting and rotating loads in dump trucks and excavators, and clamping materials in palletizers and other clamping devices.

At Lalit Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers, we provide customized hydraulic cylinder solutions that meet the unique requirements of the material handling industry

Types of Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Mumbai
  • Two end Clevis with spherical bearings cylinders
  • Fork type cylinders
  • Front or rear flange type cylinders
  • Two end pin EYE cylinders
  • Trunnion type cylinders
  • Two ends rods cylinders
  • Swing type cylinders
  • Clamping type cylinders
  • Swivel type cylinders
  • Double ended type for sensor positioning cylinders
  • Long strokes cylinders
  • Small bore cylinders
  • Large bore type cylinders
  • Hinged type cylinders
  • Pencil type cylinders
  • Very High pressure type cylinders
  • Bottom mounting cylinders
  • Side mounting cylinders
  • Bottle type cylinders
  • Press Cylinders
  • Mill Type cylinders
  • Heavy duty bolted type cylinders
  • Full Threaded type cylinders
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
Features of Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Mumbai, India
Features Capability and Types
Capacity Maximum 700 Bar and maximum 500 Ton
Stroking Distance Maximum 5 meters
Speed Maximum 1 m/sec
Temperature 54°C to 260°C, special cases it raises up to 500°C
Mounting styles [Front - intermediate - Rear ] Flanges, Trunnion, Clevis, Shoe type, Pivot, Side, any customization available.
Honed tube Bore Size Maximum 450 mm
Piston Rod Size Maximum 400 mm
Piston Rod End Plane / Pin / Threading / Step
Piston Rod Hard chrome plated and grounded
Material Stainless Steel [SS], Alloy steel, Aluminum, Brass, Titanium
Inbuilt optional Cylinder configurations Both end cushioning, Non return valves, check valves, air vents, spring return, safety valve and customization available.
Cylinder Tubes Plane with ports, Ports welded oil tubes, One end plugged and customization available
Seals Being hydraulics manufacturer, we offer seals compatible with a range of temperatures and fluids and can help choose seal materials that meet application requirements.
CNC-VMV All components are CNC- VMV produced Subject to quantities.


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